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We are specialists on field service

Our story

Mercador Oy is founded at 2015 by Jani Kylmäluoma and Jyri Nuuttila.
As of today we are a small enterprise offering the services and support to our clients by the core idea "we are good at what we do"
Both founders have wide range of technical expertise and years of experience on field service. We can offer comprehensive solutions for your service and support needs
We want to share our years of experience and knowlegde with our customers and help them to focus on their business.

Our services

Our services are ranging the entire lifecycle of your equipment and our target is to help you to to focus on your core business.
We have two fully equipped service vans which enables us to be truly mobile service unit and our location is ideal to serve customers with short response time.

See what we can offer for your business.

Company details

Invoicing Details

E-Invoice address: 003727281607
Operator: Maventa 003721291126
Invoices PDF format
Send to e-mail address: mercador[at]mercador[dot]fi
Paper invoices
Send to address: Reginankuja 4 A 7, 00810 Helsinki
VAT number

Jyri Nuuttila

+358 40 717 3921

Jani Kylmäluoma

+358 40 8446 700